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As of March 18, 2015
Phase: Subarea Planning

  • 185th Street Station  -  On Monday, March 16, Council adopted Ordinances 702, 706, and 707, which included the 185th Street Station Subarea Plan, zoning map and Development Code regulations.  Review the final documents

  • 145th Street Station - Draft Environmental Impact Statement is available for review. Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on February 19 as a continuation of the February 5 public hearing. The purpose of the Public Hearing was to inform the Planning Commission’s recommendation to the City Council regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the selection of a preferred zoning alternative for the 145th Street Station subarea. The Planning Commission recommended that the City Council delay the selection of a preferred zoning alternative until the completion of the 145th Street Corridor study tentatively scheduled for completion in December 2015.  Council is scheduled to discuss the Planning Commission’s recommendation at its March 23 meeting.

Light rail service is coming to Shoreline and anticipated to begin in 2023. Sound Transit's preliminary design calls for two Shoreline light rail stations on the east side of I-5 at 145th Street and 185th Street.

Changes in the neighborhoods near the light rail stations will take place over decades; however, the City is facilitating subarea planning processes for each station over the next year to determine much about the potential look and feel of the areas. This will include changing zoning and development regulations in some areas. Check below to learn more about decision points and opportunities for input. Information about the process to date is included on pages dedicated to each station subarea (click the links below).

Information on how up-zoning in station areas could impact nearby property values available here.

185th Street Station

Visit the 185th Street Station page 

Review the Final Environmental Impact Statement 

The City's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the 185th Street Station Subarea was released in June, and examined potential impacts of three different zoning scenarios on systems like transportation, utilities, and schools, and what improvements would need to be made to accommodate future growth and redevelopment. Following a 30 day public comment period and public hearing, the Planning Commission developed a recommendation to Council for a Preferred Alternative zoning scenario to be further analyzed in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). On August 25, Council chose to analyze potential zoning according to this map.

Consultants performed additional analysis in a Final Environmental Impact Statement.  The FEIS is available to review along with a Review Guide that summarizes potential impacts and mitigations for each zoning scenario analyzed.  The Subarea Plan and Planned Action Ordinance was published in early December 2014, and the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the full 185th Street Station Subarea Plan package, including zoning and development regulations, on January 15, 2015.

Following the January 15 public hearing, the Planning Commission recommendation included a new approach to phasing, which added a third tier.  As illustrated in this map, a potential Phase 1 is outlined in black, and could be rezoned upon adoption of the Subarea Plan package. Phase 2 is outlined in green, and could be rezoned in 2021; Phase 3 is outlined in blue, and could be rezoned in 2033 (10 years after the light rail station is operational).  This map includes a slight modification to the Phase 1 boundary, recommended by staff to include a connection to North City in order to support the design concept that came out of community workshops to provide a complete corridor between Aurora Avenue N and North City.

Council discussed these maps and introduced new iterations at their February 9 meeting, selecting this map at their February 23rd meeting for potential adoption on March 16.

Additional Information:

  • Visit the Draft EIS page to review what was analyzed and public comment submitted.

145th Street Station

Visit the 145th Street Station page 

  • The DEIS is now available, download it by section or in its entirety.

A station at 145th Street was chosen as the Preferred Alternative of the Sound Transit Board in November of 2013, and the City began subarea planning for this station in 2014. The first series of Design Workshops was held in June and the community brainstormed ideas and design concepts for their neighborhoods. The second series were held in October, with a community meeting on the 9th, where computer models and potential zoning scenarios illustrated how ideas expressed in June could translate into possibilities for the future.

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Coming Up

145th Street Station Subarea Planning

City Council Meeting to consider selection of preferred alternative zoning map for study in FEIS at April 13 meeting
Shoreline City Hall Council Chamber
Monday, March 23, 2015
7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.


185th Station Citizen's Committee Meetings
First Monday of each month
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
City Hall Room 301

More information: Facebook page or


145th Station Citizen's Committee Meetings
4th Thursday of each month*
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
City Hall Room 301

*Note: March 2015 meeting CANCELLED.

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About Light Rail Station Subarea Planning 

The proposed Light Rail Station Areas provide an opportunity for redevelopment that is transit supportive and provides residents with a greater variety of services and amenities than currently exist. These goals are supported by the citizen visioning work that culminated in Vision 2029, and are included in the Transportation Master Plan and the Comprehensive Plan

While light rail service is not scheduled to begin until 2023, the City's planning process for the area formally began in 2013. This process will determine much about the look and feel of the areas surrounding proposed stations.  This will include adoption of subarea plans that focus on land use and mobility within roughly a half-mile radius from future stations. To see specific boundaries and learn about how they were determined, click here.  Adoption of subarea plans will include changes to zoning and development regulations in certain areas. However, pace and intensity of change will be determined by market forces and homeowner decision-making over decades.

Before amending zoning or regulations, the City must study many factors, and there will be ample opportunity for community and stakeholder input. 


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All materials and summaries of public meetings 

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Near Term Timeline, 185th St. Station Subarea

Long Term Timeline, I45th St. Station Subarea

Light Rail Station Study Area Boundaries

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