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As of February 2016
Phase: Subarea Planning

  • 185th Street Station  -  On Monday, March 16, Council adopted Ordinances 702, 706, and 707, which included the 185th Street Station Subarea Plan, zoning map and Development Code regulations.  Review the final documents

  • 145th Street Station - On March 23, 2015, Council voted unanimously to follow the Planning Commission recommendation and delay further action regarding the 145th Street Station Subarea Plan until completion of a Corridor Study currently underway for NE 145th Street.  More information on the Corridor Study is available on the project page. The current schedule has the Corridor Study being adopted in spring 2016.  Light rail station subarea planning will resume shortly thereafter, but no other details have been determined.  Stay tuned for this page for more information and future opportunities for input. 

January 27 - Open House

Sound Transit is preparing to kick off its Facilities Design Process. The City of Shoreline hosted an Open House to explain how this process works and how you can be involved.


Light rail service is coming to Shoreline and anticipated to begin in 2023. Sound Transit's preliminary design calls for two Shoreline light rail stations on the east side of I-5 at 145th Street and 185th Street.

Changes in the neighborhoods near the light rail stations will take place over decades; however, the City is facilitating subarea planning processes for each station to determine much about the potential look and feel of the areas. Zoning and Development Code regulations have been adopted for the 185th Street Station Subarea. Discussion of these issues for the 145th Street Station Subarea will resume in 2016. Check below to learn more about decision points and opportunities for input. Information about the process to date is included on pages dedicated to each station subarea (click the links below).

Information on how up-zoning in station areas could impact nearby property values available here.

185th Street Station

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145th Street Station

  • The DEIS is now available, download it by section or in its entirety.

A station at 145th Street was chosen as the Preferred Alternative of the Sound Transit Board in November of 2013, and the City began subarea planning for this station in 2014. The first series of Design Workshops was held in June and the community brainstormed ideas and design concepts for their neighborhoods. The second series were held in October, with a community meeting on the 9th, where computer models and potential zoning scenarios illustrated how ideas expressed in June could translate into possibilities for the future.

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145th Station Citizen's Committee Meetings
4th Thursday of each month*
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
City Hall Room 302, except Jan. 28 which will be in City Hall Lobby

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